Tuesday , 20 February 2018

About Us

AL-Salehi corporation was established in the current address ( Mansora ,Madisen street ) on February, 2006 which we have many departments  .

Our corporation goal is to provide and supply Hospitals, health facilities, pharmacies and INGOs with their needs and requirements of all kind of Medical equipment, Medical supplies, drugs, lab solutions and reagents, sterility items, Hygiene kits, NFIs and all related materials. Also we coordinate with other organizations and NGOs by offering NFIs and Hygiene kits distribution to the Beneficiaries, However we offer car rent for health facilities and organizations. We can provide feasibility study for all kind of health projects with all Consultant and full evaluation and support for the current health facilities and projects. Maintenance department of our cooperation has contracted with several local and private hospitals and health facilities.

We have twenty six fixed term agreement staff with almost ten casual labor depending on the work needs and requirements. Five warehouses are located in Aden in three different districts. The cooperation owns five trucks and six vehicles for all administrative services and our capital is almost ten million (10,000,000) USD separated in assets and cash.

Foundation is interested in medical commissary wholesale to pharmacies , hospitals, medical centers, and a special section retail.

And there are several sections of the institution :

  • - Surgical supplies department
  • - General requirements section
  • - Lotions laboratory section
  • - Home medical devices division
  • - Department of materials, cosmetics, skin and beauty
  • - Baby Items section
  • - Department of surgical equipment
  • - Fabrics and clothing specialist department
  • - Disabled and prosthetics department